As I snuggled under the covers this morning, hoping for just a few more minutes of peace and quiet before facing the day, my mind wondered  back in time to our first bed.

It was a monsterous  thing, a wooden framed, pedestaled, full wave water bed. It literally took up our whole bedroom. Albeit the rooms were small as were most bedrooms in 1950’s built homes

Never having purchased a bed myself at that time, I had no concept of anything other than a traditional mattress.  When I moved out of the house I just assumed that I could take my bed from home and to my delight my parents obliged.

Mark has a sensitive back and has continued to claim throughout our 36 years of marriage that the only mattress he can sleep on is a waterbed.

When we married and I inherited his beast of a bed, I being a late fifties born women with a bit of flower girl flare thought “how awesome is this”.

It truly was a multi use piece of furniture. It was a dresser, book case, mirrored, petalstaled bed for a hippie-esque man and women. I loved it, for approximately the first year. Then reality set in and I had to surmount a few obstacles with the bed.

Imagine balancing on your tippie toes and letting yourself fall back onto a gently moving surface, hoping the motion of the waves underneath would help draw the rest of your body onto the bed. It took only a few more awkward flops to get into the right position. Then Mark would gently drop in and as long as I was holding onto the side of the bed, I stayed in. Some nights I was not that lucky and ended up at the start again. One must take into consideration the distribution of water and Mark weighing slightly more than I do. I literally was king of the mountain of water.

In a waterbed, when one moves the other moves.  I am not a easy sleeper. I turn, have to move my legs, often, stretch, get my pillow just right, read till my eyes get tired, and sometimes have restless legs that require rubbing my feet together until my legs feel tired.  All of these sleep techniques result in motion.  Motion equals waves,  waves equal Mark becoming a “not easy” sleeper.

I can’t and won’t even get into the intimate side of a waterbed. I’m sure you can imagine literally all sorts of images, so we’ll pass over that portion. But speaking of intimacy, when I was pregnant with our first child, Mark got into great shape as there was no way I could use my old system to get into bed. He also got more sleep as my baby belly prevented me from all the twists and turns I would normally perform to get to sleep. By the time our second daughter was born, I felt like a pro. I was quickly disillusioned  when I was pregnant with our twins. I must admit that the babies loved the waterbed.

The beast continued on to Maple Cove. I persuaded Mark to remove the frame and we just used the sides which was incredibly unbecoming. I finally put the beast down, much to Marks dismay, and purchased, while Mark was on a trip I might add, a beautiful king size waveless double bladder waterbed so he can keep his side squishy and I can keep my side just right.

We have this today in our living quarters of the B&B and I love it. Mark still gets nostalgic about the beast but I think that is probably past remembrances of raising our children.

For all of you who are wondering, we do not have waterbeds in the B&B! We have very comfortable king  size traditional mattresses. So come and visit and get a restful sleep here at Maple Cove B&B