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March at Maple Cove B&B

Let’s do some exploring around the area surrounding Maple Cove B&B. March to me is the longest month of winter. You get a sneak peak of spring with an unseasonably warm day and then it gets snatched away with a brisk freezing breeze and another 4 inches of snow.

To combat the lethargy that comes with the middle of the month, I decided to make a few changes. This month I will try a new recipe, find a unique shop, taste a new wine, eat at a new restaurant (to me) all the  while exploring a town close to me.

My first nearby town to check out is Lake Orion. Located approximately 9.0 miles away. I have visited many times, but I tend to visit the same places. Here are my picks  for March

Knude Products:  Real furniture, Real wood.           www.knudeproducts.com

Wine Social: “Enjoy fun wines, cocktails and craft beer.”  www.winesocial.com

Fork N Pint:  For those with a passion for extraordinary food & beer. www.forknpint.com

Stay tuned for my our new recipe pictures and the recipe.


How I love everything Valentines day. Not because we, as women, expect wonderful gifts from our spouses, but because it is an opportunity to  celebrate the love we feel for one another. Not only the love of our spouses, but our children, and grand children as well.

Okay, to be frank, I love the baking, creating and decorating of the day just as much as finding ways to express how much I love my family.

Here are a few of the treats I have had the opportunity to make thus far.


Our Guests

From quiet time away, weddings, book club and family reunions, it all happens here.

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Maple Cove B&B likes wine too

We just listed Maple Cove B&B with Winery Adventures. I had no idea we had that many tasting facilities near us. I am going to have to systematically check these out to make sure they are up to our standards…lol

Check them out as well!


Farm Fresh Eggs

Just wanted you all to know this is who gathers the eggs for our breakfasts…



Book Club comes to the B&B

On December 12th the Living Word Book Club had their Christmas gathering at the B&B. Mark was here to greet them upon arrival and I was home in time to enjoy a beverage with them and watch as they did their gift exchange and ended the evening with a delicious cake Linda made. It was a chocolate lava cake. Now I’m wondering, why can’t I make a chocolate lava pancake. I’m sure someone out there has.

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Christmas Time is here

This wonderful article was submitted by our association and is a great reminder of the things to do in Rochester Michigan during the season.

With a wide range of restaurants to choose from, along with two wine tasting venues, (Fieldstone Wine  and  Thumbs Up Wine Trail) lots of quaint shops and friendly people, you will not lack for anything to do.


Interview with Oxford TV

Thank you Terry!




When our guests depart,  I am always a bit sad but then I read the comments they leave for us in the books we have in each of the Suites for people to leave a comment or pray or suggestion. I have attached a few from the Hemingway suite. Thank you for the kind words. You know who you are!! To think that Leonard or as some know it,  Addison Township, is getting more visitors. Our guests love the area, the restaurants, the ambiance and since many are from not too far away, the drive.

img_2366 img_2363 book-hemingway

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