On December 12th the Living Word Book Club had their Christmas gathering at the B&B. Mark was here to greet them upon arrival and I was home in time to enjoy a beverage with them and watch as they did their gift exchange and ended the evening with a delicious cake Linda made. It was a chocolate lava cake. Now I’m wondering, why can’t I make a chocolate lava pancake. I’m sure someone out there has.

I must say I was inspired by the camaraderie these women share over the love of books. I once read this quote by Gilbert K Chesterton,  “There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and the tired man who wants a book to read”

I love to read and do so most often at night before sleep ( I don’t think the light from my nook bothers Mark, hmmmm) and I go through them so quickly but now after seeing all the books exchanged at the gift exchange, I  have a new list to pick from.

They gifted us with a wonderfully rich sounding wind chime that I am so looking forward to hanging in the spring out near the pool. Thank you ladies!!

We loved having them here and hope other groups will see us as a place to come and meet. Make sure you look a the pictures.



A night of fun

A night of fun

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